Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Before Buying MP3 Therapies Previously Test Free Binaural Beats

Binaural beats based sounds and music are becoming not only an important tool for enhancing  mental skills such as concentration, creativity, IQ, etc. but also a popular alternative medicine for many mental problems; for example: migraine, insomnia, stress, etc.  Indeed, given that exists a abundant variety of binaural alternatives for different purposes, you will need to know them before buying a CD or MP3. Even better, it is highly advisable to try free binaural beats sessions before buying them.

Binaural beats depict a technique where one's brainwaves are induced to a desirable mental state. This phenomenon of brain synchronization is called brainwave entrainment, The synchronization goal is achieved through the use of two slightly different tones that are played one into each ear. Then, Your brain attempts to solve this difference synchronizing internally with the resultant frequency.

For example, if a person receives a 200 Hz tone in the right ear and a 210 Hz tone in the left ear. The brain will generate a subsonic 10 Hz tone, in the middle of the alpha range. The resulting tone may affect the state of mind of the subject listening to these frequencies, in this case provoking a light relaxation.

The richness of this technology is that you can reproduce each frequency of the brain, ranging from the deep relaxation or delta waves to high arousal or gamma waves. Here you have the different mental states that binaural beat frequencies can provoke:

Delta waves.
Deep sleep, from near 0Hz to 4Hz.

Theta waves.
Dreaming sleep, from 4Hz to 7Hz.

Alpha waves.
Light relaxation, between 7Hz and 13Hz.

Beta waves.
Common alertness, from 13 to 40 Hz.

Gamma waves.
High alertness, above 40 Hz.

To get mental synchronization you need at least 15' training, I mean, that you need to listen to a binaural beat session for a minimum of 15 minutes. However, for training your brain to recreate the desired brainwave stimulation in the long term, I suggest you to train your brain from 45' to 60' sessions. That's why it became necessary to buy CDs or MP3s with the desired training. To take the trainings is usually recommended closed eyes for slow mental state training; such as alpha, theta, and delta; and open eyes for high mental state training; for example, high alpha, beta or gamma.

Once you know the wanted mental state you are looking for, then you can start to search with your favorite search engine. Be sure that the offerings have been made with the adequate software and tested. If you can, try to find suppliers with free binaural beat samples online of the sessions that you want to buy. So you can try them first to known if you feel the effects of the chosen therapy. It is also advisable to find out if the chosen therapy has been tested by others.

Binaural beats in its pure state can be a quite boring, therefore, try to find suppliers with a diverse variety of "binaural beats flavors". I mean, look for sessions with nature sounds as backgrounds, such as rain, wind, beach. Etc. Even music without lyrics can work as good backgrounds.

Once you checked the effects, the popularity, and the flavors of binaural beats, you can buy safely the session to help you to achieve your pursued purpose.

If you want to try free binaural beats discussed in the present article before taking the decision to buy a MP3, go to and try one of the online binaural beats free to play, download, and share.