Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Learn how to improve concentration levels with binaural beats for studying

In today’s information overload era, we are exposed to an excess of distractions that interfere our concentration capabilities. Indeed, concentration, focus, and memory are the main ingredients in studying. Without the right concentration we won’t be able to achieve our professional goals. Therefore, keeping the focus in our tasks is the major challenge we face in our days. Just imagine if you can control your concentration levels at your will, you will able to get better grades, go to better universities, get better jobs, get quick job promotions, etc.

In the present article I will show you a simple way to keep your mind focused by just listening to sounds or special music while performing intellectual activities. These sounds and music are built upon binaural beats technology. In summary, I will explain you how to use binaural beats for studying.

Before talking about how keep your mind concentrated, I will remember you the four main mental states that can dominate your brain: Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Theta waves domination usually happens when you are in deep sleeping and dreaming. Alpha happens when you are relaxed and in daydreaming. Beta occurs during normal awakens and alertness. Finally, Gamma brainwaves domination arises when you are in high alert state such as in the fight or flight dilemma.

Consequently, the key to keep high concentration levels when you are studying is to keep your mind into the Beta mental state. If you brainwaves get too slow to Alpha for example your mind can be easily distracted. On the other hand, if you brainwaves get too fast, your brain will get tired too soon. So, you may ask how I can maintain my mind in beta state for long hours.

One easy way to maintain your mind in the Beta state is to listening to Beta inducing sounds or music. Beta Inducing sounds or music can drive your mind through the right concentration level, allowing you to perform intellectual activities for hours, such as studying, working or making repetitive tasks. We can build Beta Inducing sounds or music by adding binaural beats to music. However, there are special requirements to choose the kind of music to mix with binaural beats.

Then, what are Binaural Beats?  Binaural beats is similar to stereo music. But to create it you need special software to create the right range of waves, in our case, Beta brainwaves. At the end, you will get an audio file (mp3, wav or ogg) that you can mix with music. There are also restrictions to choose the music to mix with binaural beats.

Music to mix with binaural beats should have the certain characteristics, It should be instrumental, soundscapes or even white noise, do not use songs because voices distract.  The rhythm should agree with the desired mental state that you want to achieve. The length of the piece of music should also important because differently to common music that lasts in average 3 minutes, the brain needs around 7 minutes to be synchronized with binaural beats. Therefore, the music should be longer that average music. Classical music is a good example of music to be mixed with binaural beats. There exists also many ready to use albums or singles in the market to get in the main online radios.

Finally, remains the question how to use the binaural beats audios. Fortunately and differently to other binaural beats sessions, the ones for concentration for studies can be listened while you are doing the activity. I mean you can listen to the sounds when you are studying. In other sessions, for example, to stimulate IQ you need to listen to them before the mental activity.

Here, some examples where you can test binaural beats for concentration online:

Concentration sounds only, in Goodvibras.com:

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