Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Double Your Learning, Creativity, And Problem Solving Skills Just By Listening to Simple Sounds

There is in the market brainwave entrainment systems that can help you to create special sounds to be listened by any MP3 player with the purpose of training your brain to think better, faster, and more creatively, based on proven neuro-science principles.

This is the history. In the early 1990s, a team of psychologists made an astonishing discovery. They found that special sounds could improve your brain's aptitude to think, learn, create, and solve problems.

The researchers called this phenomenon the "Mozart Effect", because in their study, men and women exposed to a Mozart Sonata before taking an IQ test scored 8 to 9 points higher than those who hadn't listened to the music. The amazing conclusion was that simply listening to Mozart could actually improve IQ test outcomes. This is why today you hear that some schools are using Mozart's music to help kids learn math, and see "Mozart Effect" CD-ROMS being sold in book stores.

However, here's really the important part. The Mozart Effect was merely accidental. Mozart didn't compose his music to deliberately help people think better and more clearly. The famous eighteenth century composer had no clue that certain combinations of sounds can stimulate different brain's zones, tuning-up information processing, altering mood, even improving cognition. He was just trying to create great music. The fact that his sonata ignites the human brain's ability to think was only a happy accident.

Moreover, what if an elite team of scientists and audio production specialists deliberately developed a software to create sound recordings to achieve specific, measurable, actionable improvements in human thinking and mind functions?

In fact, these experts have already discovered, after years of hard work and over a decade of extensive research, the accurate sounds' combination that can help you to:

  • Double your learning skills, improving both your retention and comprehension of new material.
  • Extract the essentials of complicated reading matter: books, business magazines, trade journals, and absorb the key information they contain like a sponge.
  • Relax tension, stress, and anxiety that make you less effective at work and replace it with a calmed and reasoned approach to problem solving.
  • Boost your creativity, so you can think "out of the box", and generate ideas that astonish your friends, family, colleagues, even your boss.
  • Solve problems in a record of the time than it normally takes you successfully and accurately.
  • Unlock your ability to create innovative products, generate lucrative revolutionary businesses, make profits from exciting hot profit opportunities, and build new revenue flows.
  • Enjoy limitless energy and motivation, feel powerful and enthusiastic at the right times, enjoy a great night's sleep every night and reduce your sleeping requirement.

Think like a genius, know what it feels like to experience the creative imagination of a Pablo Picasso, the insights of an Einstein, the innovation of an Edison, and the wisdom of a Winston Churchill.

You can achieve all of this just by downloading and playing a piece of software application to your PC, built to help you to create MP3s to stimulate your brain and achieve lasting personal change. This kind of software, combines brainwave entrainment, visualization, hypnosis, and other psychological techniques to help you transform your mind and enhance your mental skills.

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