Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Natural Alternative Treatment for Insomnia Based On Sounds

Doctors consider eight hours per day a healthy period of rest, although this time may vary slightly from person to person. If you cannot sleep inside this period you can consider that you are suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia can be harmful to work as well as the traditional treatments. In this article, I will present a simple but effective Insomnia treatment based on simple sounds built with brainwave entrainment technology.

The main problem with Insomnia is that this disorder can incapacitate workers to achieve their maximal performance at work and endanger its physical conditions when they are required to operate machinery or working in dangerous places as happens in the construction industry. It is truth that there is not a universal insomnia treatment for everybody, this because the singularity of each person. However, a promising treatment based on sounds using brainwave entrainment technology can help people to regulate their sleep patterns and thus to reduce the insomnia effects at work.

As a matter of fact, the main problems with Insomnia are not the symptoms but the effects. Among the characteristic symptoms of Insomnia are: the difficult to fall asleep at night, the waking up in the middle of the night and having a problem sleeping again, waking up too early in the morning. Among the effects of lack of sleep are: tiredness, fatigue, and slow reflexes. Insomnia also affects mental functions such as the ability to learn, memory and concentratation. In addition, the performance level at the workplace usually declines. Lack of attention, mood changes, and dizzy seizures are other consequences during the daytime caused by the lack of sleep. Some people become very irritable and can become conflict-creating persons without reason. In cases of chronic insomnia, people can even experience hallucinations. Insomnia causes can be both physical and psychological.

In fact, many studies of the brain using tomography scans suggest that people with insomnia have higher metabolic rates than the rest of us. Other studies have found high levels of hormones such as cortisol and corticotropin that make people to be alert. Common prescriptions for insomnia depend upon sedatives and hypnotic drugs such as benzodiazepines. Nevertheless, these drugs are dangerous for their elevated addictive potential. For example, the benzodiazepines and other hypnotic medications have a number of side effects such as daytime tiredness, slow reactions, and cognitive impairments. Those effects can be dangerous when driving or operating machinery.

However, one thing is common for insomniac people: their brainwave patterns. Insomnia is often a result of the insufficient generation of a very concrete brain wave pattern called SMR (Sensory Motor Rhythm). SMR is responsible for, among other duties, inhibiting motion during sleep. Increasing SMR generally results in a deep sleep and an energetic mind throughout the day. Therefore, there is a natural remedy for insomnia without dangerous chemical substances. This is through the use of therapies based on sounds using brainwave entrainment technology. This kind of sounds can be used as a complement or alternative to traditional medicine. 

A typical sleep induction therapy consists of a MP3 file with sounds synchronized with SMR waves to induce the mind to a profound sleep state. By using regularly sleep induction sessions based on brainwaves, you cannot only improve your falling asleep and sleep quality, but you can also increase the ability of your mind to generate naturally these brainwaves, allowing you to self-help yourself with insomnia in the future. 

In summary, Insomnia is a crippling condition for workers and even dangerous when the worker operates machinery or in risky places. Insomnia is often associated to an insufficient production of specific brain wave band called SMR. SMR is accountable for inhibiting motion during sleep, among other duties. Pushing SMR waves generally results in a deeper sleep and an energetic mind the next day.
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