Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brainwave entrainment frequencies for health

Audio / Visual (Hz)Approximate
0.5 - 4 Hz (Delta)Help with Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia (D. Siever), Muscle-Contraction Headaches (G.D. Solomon)
4.5 HzSSC, Shamanic State Of Consciousness (M. Harner, M. Hutchison). Researchers found that during trance-inducing rituals or Tibetan Buddhism chants, certain beats were always present. 4.5 Hz seems to be the best frequency for entering a Shamanic trance.
4 - 8 Hz
Light Sleep, Vivid Imagery, Spiritual / Transformational experiences, Behavior & Attitude change and Increased Creativity (M. Hutchison). Can be used to help people fall sleep.
5 - 8 HzBringing up repressed memories (D. Siever)
6 - 9 HzLucid Dreaming (D. Siever)
6 - 12 HzImmune System enhancement (G. J. Schummer, Ph.D., M. Crane, L. Wong, C. Aquirre)
7.83 Hz
(Schumann Resonance)
7.83 is the Schumann Resonance, or the frequency that electro-magnetic waves travel around the earth's ionosphere. This is probably the most useful known frequency. It stimulates the release of growth hormones (N. Shealy). PET scans show that cerebral blood flow in the back of the brain occurs most at this frequency (P. Fox, M. Raichle). Studies of the most advanced meditators have repeatedly shown 7.8 to be a significant frequency (M. Cade). It is also referred to as the Hypnagogic state. More spiritual experiences have been reported using this frequency than any other. Out of body experiences have also been reported. The Harmonics of this frequency also appear to have some of the same effects. In particular, growth hormone release is prominent at 31.32 Hz.
8 - 10 HzLearning new information, Memorization (not comprehension) (M. Hutchison)
8 - 12 Hz
Relaxation, Help with Anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) (D. Siever). Alpha sessions can significantly increase blood flow in the brain. Can also produce temporary grogginess. Can be used to decrease depression in SOME people, but not all. It is usually recommended to use Beta frequencies for Depression treatment.
8.4 HzDissociation, Deep relaxation. Results in Lowered Anxiety, relaxed jaw muscles and can reduce the need for anesthetics (B. Margolis, D. Siever, D. Morse, A. Manns, N. Thomas). Good to use at dentist appointments.
10 HzPain Control (N. Shealy), Relaxation, Dissociation, Anti-Addiction
10 - 22 Hz

ADD/ADHD, Increasing IQ and Improving Behavior (J.L Carter, H.L. Russell, 1993, M. Hutchison) (13+ in particular). Can also be used for Sports/Skills Enhancement.

14 Hz was alternated with 22 Hz to improve grades in a college study.

10 Hz was alternated with 18 Hz to help with ADD/ADHD and improve cognitive performance.

15 - 20 Hz has been used in multiple studies to increase cognitive performance as well. 10 - 15 Hz seems to be best for stability and focus.

12 - 15 Hz
Relaxed Attention, Quieting the Body, Good for reading (Siever, Hutchison). Help with Insomnia, Depression, Concentration, PMS, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety Reduction, Improvements in Immune System
15 - 20 Hz/td>
Attention, Increase Cognitive Performance, Reduced Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder, Learning, Anxiety Reduction (M. Hutchison, D. Siever, Othmer, L. Thompson, Ph.D. and M. Thompson, M.D.)
18 HzEnergizing effect (M. Hutchison)
18 - 24 HzEuphoria, can also result in headaches, anxiety
20+ HzCan result in anxiety, headaches
22 - 40 HzTypical activity as "out of body" experiences are occurring or are about to occur, while in Theta (Dr. E. Wilson, http://www.snr-jnt.org/JournalNT/JNT(2-1)5.html)
31.32 Hz
(Schumann Resonance Harmonic)
HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Release stimulation (has only been tested using photic stimulation, N. Shealy)
30 - 50 HzHelp with Migraines (has only been tested with Photic stimulation, D.J. Anderson)
36 - 40 HzHigh level information processing. Not much is known or has been studied regarding higher frequencies (Gamma), but it is hypothesized that higher frequencies could be helpful for multi-tasking abilities.
40 HzEnergizing, focused effect (M. Hutchison)
Modulation between 10 to 60 HzMental "Flexing", disentrainment, or breaking out of "stuck" brainwave patterns.