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Advantages and disadvantages of beta brainwave stimulation (12-40 hz)

Beta brainwaves describe the brain activity than is in the range of frequencies from 12 to 40 Hz. Usually generated in the brain’s left-hemisphere, beta states are associated with normal waking consciousness. Beta waves are also associated with active, busy, or anxious thinking and active concentration. In conclusion, beta brainwaves are considered to be the normal brainwave pattern in healthy adults.

Benefits of increasing beta brainwave activity include:

Ability to think quickly
When a person is high in beta brainwaves, they are able to think fast, generate new ideas quickly, and live in a high-state of functioning. Quick thinking and mental processing definitely helps when applying for a job in the 21st century and preparing for exams.

Being more social
When a person talks, their beta brainwave range naturally increases. If you are interested in becoming more social, an increase in beta brainwaves may be the ticket. In most people, an increase in beta activity boosts conversational energy and ability to keep conversation going.

Feeling excited
Ever get that nice healthy adrenaline rush or feeling of excitement in the pit of your stomach? That feeling is caused by an increase in the amount of beta brainwaves. Beta waves kick in when people get excited and definitely feel invigorating.

Though a specific peak-performance brainwave pattern is heavily debated, beta brainwaves can certainly aid in performance ability. When a person’s focus skyrockets, and their energy levels skyrocket, their performance abilities will naturally increase.

Highest levels of focus
Have some mental fog and a low level of focus? Beta brainwaves may be the ticket to changing that around! People with ADD and ADHD are commonly prescribed stimulants, which cause beta brainwave activity in their brains to increase. Hence, an increased ability to focus, get things done, and all the other things associated with beta waves.

More energy
Do you lack energy? Are you always tired and wish you had more energy? Well, beta brainwaves could definitely help you out! People low in beta brainwaves feel tired and report less overall energy throughout the day. To get out of a sleepy state and lift some mental fog, consider increasing your beta waves!

Positive thoughts
I’ve definitely noticed that I feel less depressed and constantly am able to generate positive thoughts while in a high-beta mental state. Positive thinking and an increase in beta waves makes perfect sense because the left-hemisphere is associated with positive thoughts.

Write easily and quickly
When beta brainwave levels are high, one’s ability to write increases. Beta activity occurs in the left hemisphere which is highly activated while writing. I can personally testify for this one: my ability to write is definitely enhanced when I am able to get into a state of beta.

Increase in I.Q.
Studies have been done and show that people higher in the beta brainwave range actually have higher I.Q.’s than the average population. It makes perfect sense, since activities like reading and solving math problems can definitely help build a smart brain.

Increasing beta activity is not recommended when exists:

I can personally vouch for this one. Too much beta activity caused me to feel afraid or have thoughts of fear towards things that I’m normally completely calm with. I would imagine that if your brainwaves get high enough in the beta range, you will begin to notice a fear of things that are not normal to freak out over.

Though there are many good things that come with beta waves, there is also a huge possibility that they may stress you out. They are linked to increased stress, which is why it is important to learn how to shift your brainwaves when needed.

Paranoid schizophrenics are actually able to generate much more high-beta activity than the average population. Are beta brainwaves the cause of schizophrenia? No, they are a side-effect and schizophrenia is a much more complex disease. Increasing beta brainwaves will not increase the likelihood of you becoming crazy, but they could make you feel more paranoid than usual.

Muscle tension
Another drawback to the beta brainwaves is that your body will feel uneasy and muscle tension increases. Nobody enjoys feeling tensed and unable to relax their muscles. Avoid high amounts of beta activity to avoid tense muscles.

Increased blood pressure
High blood pressure is usually not anything to be proud of.Beta brainwaves cause an increase in stress and thoughts and naturally increase your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already high, chances are good that you know what a beta brainwave state feels like.

Unwanted thoughts
Beta brainwaves can be a source of unwanted or anxious thoughts. Too much beta activity can cause one to experience a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Rapid, random thoughts that are beyond control have potential to haunt the person that is high in beta.

Want to stay up all night? If so, I recommend increasing your beta activity. It is probably a bad idea to do any beta geared activity right before falling asleep. Keep your brain healthy, get that sleep, and work to prevent insomnia.

Are you addicted to the internet? Chances are that if you have an addiction, you would greatly benefit from a downscaling in your current amount of beta brainwaves!Addiction is a long, bad cycle to go down that I don’t recommend. Look at “how to boost your alpha brain wave” to help you curb and hopefully eliminate your addictions.

Healthy Ways To Increase Beta Brain Waves:

Brainwave entrainment
Brainwave entrainment is definitely a revolutionary technique to help you naturally increase brainwave activity within a certain range. Prepare to be impressed with this technology, if you aren’t already. Check the example below.

Neurofeedback is quite expensive, but is actually very effective at increasing beta brainwave activity for people who have ADD and ADHD. There is a very high success rate for helping ADD in neurofeedback!.

Brain training games
Brain training games increase thinking speed and naturally increase amounts of beta activity. Not all brain training games are boring: check out the games Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo Wii or DS and Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS and prepare to have some fun.

Doing homework
Much of the schoolwork geared towards students in the 21stcentury is actually beta-geared. Doing math problems and reading short stories is a powerful, natural way to increase your beta activity.

Reading a book
Reading is a left-hemisphere oriented activity that everyone should do. Not only may you actually learn something, you will get smarter and increase your beta waves.

Solving math problems
If you aren’t a student, print out some math problems or buy a book of math facts to get up to par.

Drink a cup of coffee
The caffeine in coffee definitely gives a jolt of energy to the brain and body. Why? Taking in caffeine increases the amount of beta brainwaves for awhile. The caffeine effect is different for everyone, but you’ll learn that caffeine is definitely a beta brainwave booster.

Unhealthy Ways To Increase Beta Brain Waves:

Snort cocaine
Drugs are just plain unhealthy, addicting, and life threatening. Cocaine does increase beta activity in the brain; causing adrenaline rushes, rapid heartbeat, and positive thinking. Stay away from this stuff and increase your beta waves naturally.

Take diet pills
Ahh, good old fashioned diet pills. Pop a few down the hatch and you don’t have to work out or eat healthy to lose weight…right… Diet pills are not good for you. You should know better if you are currently taking them!

Take some amphetamines
If you need to take stimulants for ADD, then do what you’ve gotta do. If you don’t have a prescription for Adderall, then it is illegal to take and could potentially be very addicting. Just stay away from amphetamines if you don’t need them. Their long-term health effects are brutal!

Drink a Redbull (or another energy drink)
Energy drinks are just plain unhealthy in my opinion. Yes, they do give you a shocking amount of energy temporarily! After the energy comes, a crash occurs and your energy is completely zapped for the rest of the day! I recommend avoiding these to increase your beta activity.

Smoke a cigarette
The nicotine found in cigarettes is a beta brainwave booster. Want lung-cancer, a tarred up throat, and to lose money in the process? Nobody does! Stay away from cigarettes!

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