Friday, March 2, 2012

When the noise has color and is healthy

Imagine a special sound that could neutralize all background and annoying noise.  Just after a few seconds of listening, your whole world seems quieter and calmer. Your productivity climbs, as your concentration intensifies. If listening in bed, you find it easier to go to sleep, as all noise distractions are eliminated. Problems such as tinnitus and ADHD start to gently simmer away.

This is the scientifically tested world of colorful noises. You might have heard of "white noise" before. It's a special sort of sound, which blocks out background noise and helps boost concentration levels. It also has two close relatives: Pink Noise and Brown Noise. Each achieves the same objective, but they sound slightly different.

White Noise sounds more like radio static, Pink Noise sounds more like a natural cascade, and Brown Noise sounds like low-pitched, ocean wind. All color noises are computer generated according to a particular mathematical model, to ensure they operate at their most effective.

White Noise Benefits

White Noise is a static-like noise that covers the entire audio spectrum  blocking out all background noise. Great for enhanced focus, concentration , tinnitus and ADHD assistance, eliminating background noise distractions, and much more.

Example of whine noise sound:

Pink Noise Benefits

Pink Noise has a deeper frequency than White. It sounds like a natural waterfall. It's ideal for increasing concentration, intense study periods, soothing headaches and calming children.

Example of pink noise sound:

Brown Noise Benefits

Brown Noise has the deepest frequency. It sounds warm and relaxing, with its low-pitched sea-like sound. For this reason, it's particularly suited for deep sleep, relaxation, and quiet focused reading.

Example of brown noise sound:

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