Monday, February 8, 2010

Mind Stereo media player: Embed brainwave entrainment into your music

Mind Stereo media player

Mind Stereo is much like any other media player (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.) – but with one distinct feature. It comes with brainwave entrainment embedded into the mix. Mind Stereo is much to any of the media players available today but what sets it apart is some amazing bonus features. Furthermore, to the usual media player "things" like a playlist and an equalizer support for reverb, echo and other effects Mind Stereo injects Brain Entrainment into the music mix. Brain Entrainment is used to create specific mental states and either give you added energy or increased relaxation.

Mind Stereo media player

You can have not only sound but also visualizations as well. Here a summary of the features:

  • Sound modulation, effects and filters

  • Binaural beats & and other tone-based entrainment

  • Flash integration into visual plugins

  • AudioStrobe (for use with compatible LED glasses)

Therefore, you can take your current sound library of mp3s and transform them into brain entraining sound and visualizations. You can listen actively or use Mind Stereo passively in the background while working to boost your creativity, increase your mind power and much more.

For more information visit Transparent Corp.