Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anxiety reduction using binaural beats and barinave entrainment

Anxiety, typically associated with uneasiness, fear, or worry, is a generalized mood condition that occurs without an identifiable menace. As such, it is distinguished from fear, which occurs in the presence of an observed threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats that are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Common Anxiety symptoms are heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches. Physically, the body prepares the organism to deal with a threat. Blood pressure and heart rate are increased, sweating is increased, flow of blood to the major muscle groups is increased, and immune and digestive system functions are inhibited (the fight or flight response). External signs of anxiety may include pale skin, sweating, trembling, and pupil dilation. Someone suffering from anxiety might also experience it as a sense of dread or panic.

The main characteristic of Anxiety is the overabundance of higher Beta brainwaves. Likewise, a lack of alpha and theta waves is observed. One undesirable consequence of this condition is that some people lacking these vital brainwaves often turn to external substances (such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs) to induce the production of these brainwaves, providing temporary and potentially dangerous, relief.

Fortunately, there is an a way to reduce anxiety with a natural treatment using brainwave entrainment technology. The anxiety reduction session is a very relaxing therapy that uses mainly alpha waves inducing the brain to a state of light relaxation. This session has proven being incredibly effective with Anxiety and Stress disorders. By using relaxation focused brainwave entrainment sessions regularly, you can not only reduce anxiety, stress, and cravings for external substances. but you can also increase your brain's ability to produce these brainwaves, allowing you to better deal with anxiety in the future.

Like so many mental disorders there is no a "magic bullet" for anxiety or stress. No "one size fits all" solution will work for everybody. But it is an undisputed fact that Anxiety is vastly reduced by alpha/theta training.

Henry Adams, PhD., head of the alcoholism programs at St. Elizabeth's Hospital In Washington, found that alcoholics showed a 55% in alcohol consumption after a single relaxation session combined with a brief anti-alcohol suggestion.

Peninston & Kulkosky found that Alpha/Theta neurofeedback got successful results in 80% of those properly trained addicts becoming non-craving, healthy people.

In you can find a FREE rich set of therapies based on sounds and music for Anxiety using the technology of brainwave entrainment. These therapies are playable and downloadable so you can use them in your MP3 player or computer.

The link is:

To use this session, find a quiet place, free of distraction. Make sure you are comfortable, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and try to relax. During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

Headphones are required for this session.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Relief using Brainwave Entrainment based music

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain are common problems around the world. predominant in 3-5% of women and 2 to 4% of the general population, Fibromyalgia is characterized by persistent muscular pain, fatigue, sleeping problems and in some cases depression, anxiety and stress. The treatment of Fibromyalgia is still under study but the results of using brainwave entrainment are very promising:

In a comparative research on Fibromyalgia treatments, audio entrainment was better than both medical and nutritional treatments in many ways, including reduction of Pain and Anxiety. Combined treatment poved being more successful.

Another research conducted by Mike Twittey and David Siever reduced Chronic Pain in 15 participants over a period of study of two month . The Beck Depression Scale also indicated a significant reduction in depression.

In a case study performed by Dr. Fred Boersma, a man with a severe back injury was able to reduce his pain killer intake from 35 extra strength Tylenol daily, to only 2 or 3 pills daily! The man also reported a more positive attitude, no doubt due in part to the increase in endorphins and serotonin that the light and sound sessions stimulated.

A typical brainwave entrainment session, specifically designed for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain reduction, consists of Sub-Delta (0 - 1 hz) frequencies, which seem to have soothing effects on the limbic system (the amygdala and hypothalamus), which themselves operate at delta frequencies. It is theorized that this is the reason delta frequencies are so helpful with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain, as well hypertension.

Stimulation of Alpha waves in the brain also causes an increase in the release of serotonin, the body's own pain relief drug, and it has been shown to help in the relief of certain types of headaches (such as migraine) and other types of bodily pain and discomfort, such as fibromyalgia. Brainwave entrainment also helps in physical healing processes as well as improving the immune system.

In conclusion, a session of 15-30 minutes of fibromyalgia session based on sounds and music used repeatedly can reduce significantly the symptoms of these terrible afflictions.

If you want to experiment playing and downloading for FREE the different sessions mentioned here visit:
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Migraine Relief: Brainwave Entrainment a new treatment

Only 1% of the world population is free from headaches in their entire lifetime. Over a year, it is estimated that 90% of the population get at least one headache. The World Health Organization estimated in 2003 that 303 million people worldwide were migraineurs. A 2004 article suggested that there are almost 20 million migraine attacks happening every day.

Although self-medicate for migraines is an easy and common response today. Typical medicines for headaches, such as aspirin, have non desirable secondary effects; for example: damage to the stomach, allergy, etc.

Fortunately, there are a natural way to get rid of migraine, this way is through brainwave entrainment. If you do not know, brainwave entrainment is about the synchronization of your brain with a source of frequencies to achieve a desired mental state. These frequencies can be generated by sounds, lights, physical vibrations. In this article I will talk about brainwave entrainment based on sounds and music.

A typical session of headache with these sounds or music reduces the activity in the brain and relaxes the listener. Unlike most sessions. Slow-Wave (Delta) stimulation has been shown effective to relieve headaches. This combined with Alpha waves stimulation, has also been found to be an excellent combination to reduce headache.

First, you have to find a brainwave entrainment session based on sounds and music. Them, find a quiet place, free of distraction. Make sure you are comfortable, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and try to relax. Make sure to relax your forehead, eyelids and scalp in particular. Your eyes should be closed. You should listen at least 15 minutes of therapy.

This therapy has the following advantages: first; they act quickly, giving relief rapidly; second; if you use it repeatedly, the treatment will have long lasting effects. It is as your brain could be trained and learn how to behave.

In summary, your brain can be trained about how to live without migraine with a method that is effective, inexpensive, and unobtrusive. ( is the first health related web 2.0 website (or better health 2.0?) in delivering health online. You can experiment by yourself with brainwaves for FREE in, a new startup whose mission is to democratize this effective, unintrusive, and mostly unknown technology by making available a set of therapies to those who want to experiment with.

In addition, if you want a deeper brainwave training, you can buy in the store section one hour length brainwave therapies for healing or enhancement sessions.

Healing sessions:

  • Addiction reduction

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Depression reduction

  • Pain relief

  • Migraine relief

  • Healing

  • Hypertension

  • blood pressure

  • Insomnia help

  • Pre-menstrual session

  • Insonmaniac killer

  • Stress relief

  • Super nap
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