Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Four tools to build your own brainwave entrainment therapies

Our brain emits natural electrical frequencies under the 30hz. A electrical frequency represents a type of mental state. Scientists have classified four main mental according a range of frequencies: They are:

Mental states






40 Hz +

High alert


14 - 40 Hz

Normal alert


8 - 14 Hz

Light relax


3 - 8 Hz

Deep relax, meditation


0.1 - 3 Hz

Deep sleep

Courtesy from mentallion.com

However, can I modify my mental state to my will?

The answer is yes, what we need is a stimuli, visual or sonorous, to increase or reduce our brain activity. For example if you are awake in the job, you will be in the Beta state. If you receive a stimuli of 10hz you will be more relaxed. This state corresponds to the alpha state. The techonolgy is brainwave entrainment.

How can I build my own brainwave entrainment session?

Here I will show 4 tools to build brainwave entrainment sessions.


This software is free and it has been used extensively in scientific research. It comes in versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In addition, this software allow to share in a P2P way your created audios.

The program comes with one example session but you can download more examples in the example files section.

Brain Wave Generator

This software is freeware. It requires monthly registration to keep working. It is easy to use and comes with example sesions for several purposes. You can create also your own sessions.

In addition the software owners support a site where you can download examples not only from the develpers but also from the users that send their own creations, such as astral proyections, neurosis and anything you can imagine.


Download bwgen

Download background sounds

Examples library


The program is free but the therapies (doses) are priced. I-doser goes far and offer us experiences more psychedelic such as Acid, Opious and petoye. Each dosis cost around 5 dollars. The program comes with 2 sample dosis but you cannot make your own.

Download I-Doser

Go to I-Doser store

Neuro-Programmer 2

This proram is an excelent piece of software, nice interface amd many examples and options to develop your own therapies. The program only support WAV generation but you can conv ert them with a MP3 converter such as FreeRIP.

Other nice characteristic is the availability of background sounds such as cascades, rains, storms, etc.

Download Neuro-programmer 2